System stands for a progressive take on classicism. It is a collection that invites the wearer to play freely and personally with items that are thought through and studiedly simple in design, and cut in luxurious fabrications. Volumes are loose, colours are timeless. The pervasive sense of ease conveys an effortless idea of modern dressing.


Both the men’s and the women’s collections are presented today as models move around mirrored totems run with sequences of neon lights. The fluidity with which these individuals wander and confront one with the other in the industrial space mirrors the time-travelling, everything-is-possible mindset of the collection. Past, present and future mingle and merge in the now as classic elements morph seamlessly into futuristic ones. Sequence is the byword. The mix of materials translates this assumption into a bold visual statement: shiny hi-tech or industrial fabrics are added up with matte, natural ones; a nylon blouson is united to a trench, meant to be worn as an under layer or as an external shell; parts taken from different sneakers are mounted into polymorphous new Converse styles. The look is futuristic, with a feel of classicism and an urban edge. Outerwear is strong in both volume and shapes, while tailored jackets have a refined appeal. The pillars of the metropolitan wardrobe are given the subtle yet palpable System Studios touch: leather jackets, denim or cargo pants, shirts come in sums of materials or reconsidered volumes. Assertive prints add another layer of meaning to the whole, suggesting futuristic scenarios with a vintage appeal. Traveling fast from past to future, a fluid present is defined.